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Stapler Circumcision

Circumcision ( Commonly called as Sunthi , Khatna ,Tahara ) is the surgical procedure the doctor will remove the skin which covering the tip of the penis. The procedure is very common for newborn boys in certain parts of the world, including the India.

When to go for Circumcision

Phimosis- Unable to Retract Foreskin
Para Phimosis
BXO:- Belanitis Xerotica Obliterans
Chronic or Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection
Religious Circumcision in Muslims
Pain during Sexual Intercourse
Tight Prepuceal Skin (Foreskin)
Tight Frenulum
Bleeding during Intercourse

Benefits of Circumcision procedure

Reduced Risk of Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection it is commonly known is not a very common kind of infection. However, this infection is reported to less likely occur on circumcised men. Uncircumcised men and babies run a higher risk of getting UTI unlike their circumcised counterparts. Thus, it is beneficial and important to undertake a circumcision surgery.

Reduced risk of Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is also not a very common type of cancer. However, studies and statistics show that uncircumcised men run a higher risk of getting penile cancer as compared to circumcised men. Any type of cancer can be fatal and this is not something that you may want to risk your life with. Thus, in order to stay safe.

Reduced Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There are quite a number of sexually transmitted diseases. Nonetheless, sexually transmitted diseases are often times fatal or may cause severe complications if they go unchecked. One of the most fatal sexually transmitted disease is the HIV virus. Studies show that circumcision reduces the chances of a man contracting HIV virus and other sexually transmitted diseases by up to sixty percent. This is a big margin and it can be the difference between life and death.

Reduces your female partner’s risk of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is the leading type of cancer that affects women. Cervical cancer is caused by a number of reasons and research has also shown that women who have uncircumcised partners run a higher risk of getting this type of cancer.

Surgery Options for Circumcision – OPEN / STAPLER

Open Surgery

  • Post op pain/ delayed healing
  • Poor cosmetic appearance
  • Visible sutures
  • Irregular edges of skin
  • Bed Rest for 2 Weeks
  • Pain full Erection due to excess Skin loss,
  • Bleeding.

Stapler Circumcision

  • Painless Treatment
  • Suture-less
  • Day care
  • Local Anesthesia
  • No bleeding
  • Cosmetically Excellent
  • No need of Rest,
  • Can Resume his duties after 2 day

1st Center for Stapler Circumcision Surgery in Mumbai with our most experienced Doctor – Dr. Shamsher Shah

Advanced Methods for Circumcision

Stapler Circumcision is very safe and simple procedure. Your doctor will use the device called stapler and it will be like a gun. By using this stapler your will do the surgery with in 20 mins and its vary safe simple procedure compare to the surgery

Why Stapler Circumcision

  • Local Anaesthetic For All Ages
  • High Safety and Accurate
  • Cut ,Blend automatically
  • Few Steps in Few Minutes
  • Ideal For All Age Groups
  • No Suturing , No Bleeding ,No or Little Pain
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Cosmetic Results